Ch’Art Design is an applied digital art project that allows the free customization of any type of object and environment.
Thanks to the versatility of Ch’ Art style and the most innovative digital printing technologies we create walls, furnishing accessories, fabrics and a thousand other ideas to revive your world!

  • You can choose the colors you like
  • You can choose the shape that stimulates you most
  • You can choose the most suitable material
  • You can choose the size that suits your space.

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The origin of Ch’Art Design

Ch’ Art was born as an artistic experimentation. After years of research in the field of digital painting, in which colours merge and overlap, Massimo Cremagnani embarked on a new path using small elements of pure colours. He joins them and animates them following his intuition, maintaining the dynamic style that characterizes all his artistic production.


During this research, a digital printing company commissioned the artist to design a “different than usual” sample collection: something that strikes the customer and makes him understand the difference between the different materials, the various printing solutions, the visual (and sometimes tactile) effects that can be obtained digitally. Thus brings the idea of re-organizing the company with dozens of Ch’ Art images, each made with a particular technique, creating an immersive and experiential path

Although the project is ready for the execution phase with more than 70 different “samples” on over 500 square metres of building, it will not be carried out by the company due to lack of funds. But in the artist’s mind the project was already at a higher level: the creation of a digital printing museum called Ch’Art MuseumThus, a new mission begins to give life to this cultural initiative, with spaces and fittings, educational and training services, media partners, but also furnishing in style and merchandise objects.

progetto facciata Ch'Art Museum

And it is by realizing the studies and prototypes of these furnishing objects that Ch’ Art begins to reap a strong success of public, both among experts in the field and among ordinary people. Foulards, decorative panels, artistic prints and upholstery for furniture are required. And since the museum has not yet found a seat and the necessary funds, we begin to produce its contents in the most varied formulas with the intention of captivating an ever larger audience, keeping the search more alive than ever.

office demo

How a Ch’ Art is generated

Ch’ Art is the trait d’ union between pure art, digital art and graphic arts, a hybrid that recalls creative tools, production techniques and perceptive theories of the three disciplines.

At first we have the colour samples, coloured blocks used as references by artists, graphic designers and creative artists from different generations. The groups of dowels form palettes with different shades and shades, flanked by affinity or contrast.

The palettes are moved by the author through special graphic software, giving rise to infinite abstract shapes.

The selected subject is then inserted into the executive project, evaluating positioning, size, materials and printing techniques.

progetto cucina - kitchen project

What does Ch’Art mean?

Ch’Art polychrome images represent the dynamic manipulation of color palettes.
The name derives from the contraction between the words Chart (graphic table, but also colour scheme) and Art (for aesthetic and conceptual references that symbolizes).

The Author

Massimo Cremagnani, creatore di Ch'Art“I took the colour in its most rigid and objective form and made sure that the computer gave it life, shape and movement. I gave colours the freedom to express themselves independently, both as individual shades and as large collaborative communities”

Massimo Cremagnani – alias Capitolouno – he graduated with honors at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in 1999, with a thesis on ethics and aesthetics of digital art, entitled “Digital Art Chapter One”. In the academic field it was the first on this topic and the first on interactive multimedia support.

In 1998 he presented at the exhibition Salon I, at the Palazzo della Permanente in Milan, his first digital work: Homo Sapiens Marsupialis. In the same year he wrote the column “Computerarte?” for the magazine Computer Graphics and Publishing, the beginning of a journalistic experience that lasted for more than a decade on different professional magazines. That allowed him to deepen and experiment directly with every technology for digital figuration, familiarizing himself with the major representatives of the sector.

In these years the research has evolved on several fronts, encountering new synergies between art, graphics and communication:

  • Identification of the “non linear creative method”, evolution of the modus operandi that is used for the artistic and graphic works through traditional techniques
  • Development of Laserigraphytechnique, combining laser printing with different types of high-quality papers with surprising results
  • Creation of the “Elite PrinTest” perceptual analysis system for printing proofsElite PrinTest
  • Printing with different solutions on each type of material, except water
  • Application of a by-elements analysis to digital printing, thus succeeding in bringing together all technologies and applications in a single broad context
  • Concept and design of the first museum dedicated to digital printing

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