Ch’Art Adoption Project

There are lots of Ch’Art looking for a house!
Adopt a Ch’Art and he will become yours – and yours only – forever, exclusively!
All you have to do is to choose the one you like, think about a project and contact us!

Here’s how to do it:

1 – Choose your Ch’Art

Look at the Creatures. Select Rainbow gallery for vivid colored Ch’Arts, Dark gallery for sober graytones Ch’Arts or Selected gallery for limited tones Ch’Arts.

Choose the one you like, that inspires you and that fits your environment and

  • If you like one of the available Ch’Arts, note down its name and go to step 2
  • If you don’t see now your Ch’Art, no problem: we can create your personal Ch’Art following your indications as color, shape and size*
  • Or else come back here in a few days, because new ones are coming

*Ch’Art’s creation may be a very hardworking process. Contact us for an estimate.

2 – Find a nest

Think about where to place your Ch’Art: on a wardrobe, on the floor, on a wall or else. Carefully take measurements of the environment that will host it.
The better way is to take one or more photos and note down the main measures, just as in the sample below.

If you don’t have or you can’t work with a photo-retouch software, you can tell us the measurements in a text attached to the photo (e.g..: wall behind the couch: 260×176 cm). If you still have some doubts, visit the Suggestions gallery to find some inspiration and evaluate the different materials.

3 – Proceed with the adoption

Now we can start with the procedures for the actual project. Write us using the form or else directly at a info, specifying your request:

  • What image: the name of the Ch’Art you choosed (e.g.: Cloud 036)
  • Choose a project: a wallpaper, a panel, a wrap, or whatelse you prefer. Taje some inspiration form the Suggestions gallery
  • Decide where you want to set it up: whether it should be integrated in an environment, attach a photo with the measurements as in step 2
  • Add your own data: name, surnome, email, country and phone

We will contact you as soon as possible to define every detail.