Stampa Digitale Capitolo Uno – Il primo libro al mondo che parla di tutta la stampa digitale

A small deal of Ch’Art is proudly displayed on the cover of Stampa Digitale Capitolo Uno (Digital Printing Chapter One), the first book in the world that explains everything about digital printing. The choice arises natural: first because Ch’Art was also developed to identify and enhance the features of the different digital printing solutions, and also for its symbolic value related to graphic arts.

Ch’Art shares the cover with the icons of the five elements of digital printing, the five essential ingredients for of any print realization. This unusual approach has been specially developed to analyze and understand the secrets of each type of printing, even without possessing too many technical skills.

Within the text there are some examples of Ch’Art working processes, such as printing on glass, aluminum and other more traditional materials.

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