A massive installation by Ch’Art Design as a stimulus for research in the new chemistry labs of the Como University

Ch’Art Design built up a 37 square meters artwork in the Università degli Studi dell’Insubria (Como). Installation site is the research laboratories building of the new Faculty of Chemistry.


Image and structure project

For this peculiar situation, the artist Massimo Cremagnani chose to change the Ch’Art style using the periodic table of elements to replace the traditional colored tiles.


Aluminium composite panels details

“The dynamics inside Ch’Art style ideally blend with the rigid structure of the periodic table of the elements – comments Cremagnani – creating a symbolic vortex of ideas, research and innovation. I hope that this artwork will stimulate researchers in their difficult task to find new formulas. “


Entrance detail

The artwork is fully digital and custom designed (concept, graphics and printing) reprisings the Ch’Art leitmotif of soft distortions by moving a diagram otherwise static. The outcome is a dynamic path of sinuous shapes that starts from the entrance and developes in height over the entire wall of the atrium, more than seven meters high . We used colors in shades of bronze to maintain a continuity with the building exteriors and finishing, complying with the “block” classification of the chemical elements.


Entrance view

Technical details:

  • Original digital image custom designed for the destination area.
  • Measurements: entrance 11 mq (320×340 cm). atrium: 26 mq (350×730 cm)
  • Digital print: high definition, UV inks on composite aluminium panels with clear coating for scratch protection.
  • Installation on hidden aluminum frames . 13 panels in variable sizes, some shaped to fit the windows.
  • Site: Università degli Studi dell’Insubria, Via Valleggio 11, 22100 Como

Panels set up

Panels and screws closeup