I took the colours in their most rigid and objective shape and I operated so that the computer started them to life, providing shape and movement.
I gave the colours the freedom to express independently, like sole dyes and big collaborative communities.

Massimo CremagnaniMassimo Cremagnani - aka Capitolouno took a degree cum laude at the Brera Fine Arts Academy in 1999, with a thesis on ethics and aesthetics of digital art titled “Digital Art Chapter One”. It has been the first thesis on this topic in academic world and the first on interactive multimedia support.

In 1998 he presented at the exhibition Salon I, at the Palazzo della Permanente in Milan, his first digital work: Homo Sapiens Marsupialiswhile working as assistant at the Milanese Academy for computer graphic and digital photography courses.

In the same year, he edited the “Computerarte?” survey for the Computer Graphics and Publishing magazine; this was the beginning of a journalistic experience on several professional headings that has been lasting for over a decade and allowed him to study in detail and experienced directly each technology for the digital representation, getting used to the main representatives of this sector.

In these last years the research has improved, facing new synergies among art, graphic and communication:

  • Identification of the “non linear creative method”, evolution of the modus operandi that is used for the artistic and graphic works through traditional techniques
  • Development of Laserigraphytechnique, combining laser printing with different types of high-quality papers with surprising results
  • Creation of the perceptive analysis system for printing tests Elite PrinTest, now improved for unusual materials printing evaluation
  • Printing with different solutions on each type of material, except water
  • Use of theanalysis by elements to digital printing, combining in a unique wide contest each technology and its application
  • Courses and workshops on digital printing and digital art
  • Concept and design of the first museum dedicated to digital printing
  • Production of the first book about the whole digital printing world: Stampa Digitale Capitolo Uno (Digital Printing Chapter One)

More infos are available at www.capitolouno.com