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Work with us

Ch’Art Design wants to grow up and needs you!



Do you like Ch’Art and you’re a printer with peculiar ideas to achieve them?

Are you a furniture maker, a builder, a contract vendor?

Do you want to decorate your products with our colorful shapes?

Do you have a shop of furniture, an atelier of fine objects or an art gallery?

Ch’Art Design is always looking for partners for the production and the commercialization of the products, and for the improvement of all services.
All partners will be reported on the media channels of Ch’Art Design (Web site, Facebook, LinkedIn, …).

If you are interested in working with Ch’Art Design and belong to one of the categories listed below, contact us!  



We are looking for large format digital printers, with particular attention to the quality of products and to the refinement of materials. I
t requires the availability to the creation of one-shot pieces and custom projects. We greatly appreciate your passion and inventiveness for research.

Product typology:  

Flatbed print on traditional media, plus wood, glass, plexiglass, Reboard and any other media; cut and finishing services, included setting-up and installation. (products: decorative panels, backlights, furniture as tables, closets and more, ceramic tiles, doors and windows, sceneries…)  

Roll print on adhesives plus coating/lamination, using monomeric, polymeric, cast films; wallpaper and pall wraps. Wrapping service on vehicles and objects. (products: forniture and car wrapping, wallpapers, sceneries…)  

True giclée print of artworks on fine papers and canvas; any other services of framing and paneling (eg. diasec). (products: artworks, single or numbered issues)  

Textile print on natural fabrics (silk, cotton, linen…) and synthetics (lycra, polyester…) also in small run. Any more product makin’up (modeling, stitching…).

(products: foulard, pareo, curtains, sofa and bed covers, clothing…) 


Production and sales

Ch’Art works are available to manufacturers of furniture, fashion and equipment wishing to widen their catalog.

Our license requires the use of the Ch’Art design brand and logo.

(products: furniture, flooring, furnishing textiles, clothing, accessories …) 



Furniture stores, boutiques and art galleries willing to submit one or more products by Ch’Art Design.
We also look for representative agents for B2B resale of images and finished products. 

(products: artworks and decorative panels, backlit panels, furniture, home textiles, apparel…)


Software developement  

The spirit of Ch’Art Design is in continuous evolution. We want to automate the images’ selection, the creation of products and the procedures for estimating, order and delivery. This announcement is open to programmers available to barter, but also to professionals in the categories mentioned above who wish to implement their services.

Do you want to partner with Ch’Art Design and help us to color the world? Contact us!