UniqueWall: very original wall art

What is “unique”?

Unique is something that you can’t see so much nowadays. Everything is mass produced, everyone copying drawings, designs and ideas, all take advantage of the creativity and success of their predecessors. Especially in interior design. And this is a sad thing.


Most of the decorating services for furniture make use of archival footage, famous or unknown images that anyone can buy and print. It is the Ikea world, just as said in Fight Club, where everyone has the same things at home (and if don’t have can easily buy identical, even online). Now don’t get me wrong: I also have a few swedish furniture and other serial objects at home. But there is nothing more beautiful than unique pieces, the ones that better reflect my taste, my personality and that I can boast (I got and you do-on’t! Whee-hee!)..

So here is a new chance to reverse a bit this trend. Let’s go back to the individual taste. Let’s leave from standard-sized. Let’s give a boost to our unique environment!

What is UniqueWall?

UniqueWall is an original wallpaper artwork made on demand in just one issue exclusively for you, with your favorite colors and the exact measurements for your space. It does not use stock images, is not part of series and will not be replicated in other products. UniqueWall is yours – yours only – and always will be!


UniqueWall Orionflame

UniqueWall is mutation:

UniqueWall budges your space geometry with sophisticated color games. A room with UniqueWall will be regenerated, enlarged, always perceived in a different way.

UniqueWall: Earthwoo

UniqueWall is innovation:

UniqueWall is the new evolutionary stage of Applied Arts: uses the best digital technologies to create images and to print on last generation materials with hypoallergenic inks.


Choose to make a difference, adopt a Ch’Art UniqueWall for your home, your office, your company!

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