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  • What is Ch'Art?
    Ch'Art is an exclusive art-style, specifically designed for reproduction in digital printing on any type of surface and materials.
    A Ch'Art is a 360 degrees interpretation: color and shape give life to continuous dynamics that stimulate the imagination of the observer in a totally subjective way. Size and placement are molded with the environment, integrating what is with what is best.The material to which they grip and the technologies that allow it mix tradition with innovation, mastery and uniqueness for applications in any area.
  • What is UniqueWall?
    UniqueWall is an original wallpaper artwork made on demand in just one issue exclusively for you, with your favorite colors and the exact measurements for your space.
    Unlike many similar proposals, UniqueWall does not use stock images, is not part of series and will not be replicated in other products.
    Moreover, you participate in its creation by choosing its size and applying it personally on your walls.
  • What is the making of UniqueWall?
    The UniqueWall artprints come from very high resolution digital images - the Creatures - which are adapted to the required size and then printed on wallpaper or adhesive films. Once you define size and material, the image will be printed and sent to your home, where you can easily apply to the wall.
  • What materials are available?
    Currently we have three distinct materials available:
    - the standard wallpaperreflects the classic whitewashed wall, slightly marked to get a more natural look.
    - the skin wallpaper presents more irregularities.
    - the adhesive film is smooth, and can also be applied to wood, metal and plastic.
    More info on this page
  • Do papers grip on any kind of wall?
    Wallpapers can be stuck to the plaster interior walls, as long as they are clean and dry. The adhesive film can also be applied to laminates, plastic and metals.
  • Are the artprints washable?
    Yes, with a soft sponge soaked in soapy water. Do not use solvents or sprays containing alcohol. If you have any doubts about the cleaner, make a test in an inconspicuous place.
  • How do I proceed to buy?
    1 ) Choose the subject of your choice from the gallery, or request a custom creation..
    2 ) Take the measurements of the wall that will host it.
    3 ) Fill out the form below and upload one or more photos of your wall, with any information on the position you want ( to a certain height, from the ground to ceiling, etc.). Remember to indicate the measures of the wall and select the media type. Within a few days you will receive three sketches for a final assessment and a letter of assignment.
    4 ) To purchase select the layout you prefer, fill out the order confirmation and make payment via Paypal or bank transfer.
    5 ) Project execution: at this point Ch'Art Design will adaptat and optimize the image, then send it to the print factory. When ready, your print will be sent by courier to the address you provided.
    You will also receive a certificate of authenticity and installation instructions.
  • How do I apply wallpaper artprints?
    With standard wallpaper glue. On Youtube there are many instructional videos:
    Soon we'll publish more detailed instructions
  • How do I apply adhesive artprints?
    Soon we'll publish more detailed instructions. Meanwhile you can take a look at these clips: